Coast RTA Recruiting New Members for its Service Advisory Committee

Coast RTA announced that it is in the process of recruiting new members to its Service Advisory Committee for 2019.

"We created the Service Advisory Committee in 2016 with the intent to meet periodically with committee members to check in and solicit feedback from them on our overall bus service. The members also serve as Mystery Riders and Community Ambassadors for Coast RTA," said Brian Piascik, Coast RTA General Manager/CEO. "The committee is comprised of Coast RTA passengers (fixed route and paratransit) and drivers. Its mission is to provide honest, customer-oriented feedback to Coast RTA on its bus service, customer service and other topics of interest. We hope to have applicants represented from Horry and Georgetown Counties who use our fixed routes and paratransit services."

In addition to passengers and drivers, Coast RTA will appoint a board member representative and driver(s) to the committee as well as recruit members from Horry and Georgetown Community who wish to serve on the Service Advisory Committee as an ambassador for Coast RTA. Committee members will be asked to attend 3-4 meetings throughout the year. Meetings are anticipated to last about two hours and will be held on nights or weekends to accommodate members who may work. Members will be notified of meetings in advance.

"We've had several successful meetings in the past couple of years and see the committee as an opportunity for our passengers and community supporters to have an active role in the molding of Coast RTA's service and to gain an understanding of the day to day operations of the local transit authority," Piascik added. 

Coast RTA will provide transportation to and from the meetings for members who may need it. Refreshments will be served as well, if allowed in the meeting location.

Anyone interested in applying for the Committee is asked to email the SAC contact, Michelle Cantey at [email protected]. Applications are available by clicking here or may be picked up at the Conway Terminal, Ivory Wilson Transfer Center in Myrtle Beach. Applications are due to Coast RTA by December 31, 2018. Any emails should list SAC in the subject line.  

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Coast RTA Recruiting New Members for its Service Advisory Committee

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