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No fixed route or paratransit service on Thanksgiving Day

posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2019

In observance of Thanksgiving and to allow our employees time with their loved ones, Coast RTA fixed routes and paratransit buses will NOT operate Thursday, November 28, but will resume all normal schedules Friday morning with the exception of Route 7. Route 7 will operate on a modified route on Friday, November 29 - Saturday, November 30 due to traffic congestion at Tanger Outlet Thanksgiving weekend. Both inbound and outbound trips will utilize Glenforest Road and Factory Stores Blvd beside Outback Steakhouse. Route 7 will resume normal service Sunday, December 1. 

For more information, please call Customer Service at 843-488-0865.


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Coast RTA

No fixed route or paratransit service on Thanksgiving Day

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